Core Values

Our core business values are to deliver the representation that wholesalers' agents' want and what products and destinations need. Too often, in our minds, clients are engaging representation services which provide services that the wholesalers and agents don't want or need, or in fact are unnecessary in the market place.

Often representation companies engage people who know less about the product or destination than the agents they are selling to; fail to understand where they can add value; who it is that they represent, and understand the needs of the agents with whom they are working. We offer our clients tailor-made trade sales & marketing solutions resulting in the successful implementation of their sales & marketing goals in the UK and Ireland. Our main focus lies on fostering existing cooperation and developing new business contacts by accentuating the unique selling propositions of the products. Strategic planning as well as efficient implementation guarantees campaigns that generate attention.

It is our goal to position our clients in the market as best as possible and consequently generate long-term added value for their brand or destination. Supporting and promoting a positive image and strong consumer presence is the key to success. We strive to offer our clients creative, innovative and goal-oriented solutions. In doing so, we value reliability and transparency. By defining measurable goals, writing reports on a regular basis as well as monitoring and controlling measures, our clients can follow our efficient work at all times.

It is the easiest thing in this industry to simply tick boxes and call that representation. It isn't. Anyone can attend a trade show, anyone can list the tour operators visited and say that a meeting has occurred. But to care about the success of the client, to regard their success as your own, their setbacks as your own, to have exactly the same attitude as a dedicated employee, and for the trade to regard the representative as genuinely the person on the ground for a particular company - that is truly representation.

It's what we do. We work hard. And we have fun.