What We Do

Sales Representation: We can be your eyes and ears on the ground in the UK, Ireland and beyond. We have 7 years experience of servicing the needs of clients in the UK travel industry, with a proven track record of delivering increases in sales, heightened industry awareness and increased brochure and marketing presence.

Copywriting:Having worked across all sectors of the travel industry, as well as outside it, we have spent years creatively writing, whether that be reports, brochures, training manuals or a variety of promotional material. We can provide excellent copy at a competitive price.

Aviation Consultancy: With a career background in some of Britain's most successful airlines, we understand how the airline industry works. We can advise on many areas across the commercial requirements of carriers and associated companies, and we are particularly strong in improving revenues and yields.

Destination Development:Related to Sales Representation, we offer expertise in building market presence for a particular destination, encouraging sales, creating marketing plans and driving industry awareness and enthusiasm.

Project Management:Delivering on time, on budget and effective projects is a fraught exercise. We have experience in managing and creating projects, with a record of delivering profitable returns.

Hotel Contracting: Having been on both sides of the table when negotiating pricing, support, brochure contributions, marketing support and copy-writing, we can assist with best practice and creative management of your contracting needs.

Travel Marketing: Maximising your exposure, developing plans, ensuring value for money, building brand awareness - all are critical elements of marketing in the travel industry. We can create and manage plans for your business, and follow through with those plans to a successful conclusion

Strategy: Understanding exactly how the travel industry works is critical. With a wealth of experience in this regard, we can provide strategic input and direction if needed to assist with the development of the client.

Training Training remains one of the most important, yet often overlooked elements of the travel industry. There is no more effective way of increasing sales and margins than ensuring staff are well briefed and able to maximise their time and ability. With a long history of providing training, whether on product, systems or industry standards, we can assist with your training needs.